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What to know!      

When it comes to buying a swing set most people think it is just buy a swing set and have it built but there is more to it then the consumer realizes. Here are some things to think about before making your swing set purchase:

How big of a swing set should you buy?

 *This should be determined by several factors.

1. How many children is in the household and how old are they?

2. How big is your yard or area where you would like your swing set installed?

3. What is the measurement of your yard's slope?

How do you decide which swing set is the best for your budget?

* This should be determined by several factors

1. What is your budget including installation cost?

2. What accessory options are a must & are not?

3. How long do you anticipate (realistic) your children using the swing set?

How is the swing set anchored?

* This information is supplied by the manufacture.

Some manufactures supply 12" plastic or wooden stakes, or 18" rebar stakes that are hammered into the ground then secured with screws to the bottom of the tower and swing end. BUT some supply 14" corkscrew anchors which we believe is one of the best ways to anchor any swing set. Below is a picture of a good quality corkscrew anchor.

Did you know that it is not uncommon for a swing set to be blown over? 

It is more common then people realize. Now that you know, don't you believe it is best to try to protect your swing set investment and use an anchor that gives you more security, we do.

We know it seems like a lot to think about before you even make your purchase but when it comes to making an investment in your families memories, it is worth it. It is about getting the most for your money providing a safe backyard playground.

We would be more then happy to help and assist you in any way so feel free to contact us today!


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